Grandma Ann's Electric Grater

220V Grandma Ann's Electric Grater


220V  50-60hz  550 Peak Watts

NOT FOR USA Consumers

Durable nickel plated finish
Heavy-duty cast aluminum body
1/2-horsepower motor  - DOUBLE THE SPEED of 110V
Quick-release for easy cleaning
2.75 qt stainless steel bowl
1-year warranty
12.13" W x 7.47" D 13.27" H
19 lbs.  


Grating is a cinch with this heavy duty electric grater. This 220V motor is DOUBLE THE SPEED of our 110V version! With only two pieces to wash, it’s easy to clean and even easier to assemble. This machine is ideal for grating coconut for shredded coconut. Due to the fast speed the 220V model is not good grating potatoes or cassava. Makes it too fine and watery. For grating coconut this machine is the best in the world.

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